Scam Romance Script

A new study published by the Better Business Bureau has identified a scam romance script used by professional online con artists. It has been said that the scammers use hundreds of pre-written questions, introductions and responses to lure vulnerable victims. These scripts are created to create the illusion of a whirlwind romance. The actors behind these scripts often portray themselves as widows, single moms, military men or lonely women, in order to get the victim's money.

The scammers cast a wide net to attract potential victims, communicating with hundreds of people at once. Social Catfish was able to obtain the scripts used by these scammers. The scripts reveal the typical tactics they use to lure victims. These techniques are based on the emotions and vulnerabilities of the targets. The first step to swindling your money is to beware of the fakes. You will want to ensure that your finances are protected by protecting yourself from such swindlers.

A scam romance script is very common. The scam artist will use an email address that is easy to trace, often from an African country. These accounts are routed through multiple locations to avoid being caught. Many of these locations are pay-per-hour cyber cafes that do not keep track of the amount of money that is transferred. Once you have provided your credit card information, you can be assured that your money is secure and safe. When you are unable to get a response from a romance scammer, you can report it to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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